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PSD Presents An Enhanced Training for Your Non-Profit Groups and Temporary Staff

PSD Training Group is comprised of business owners/professionals who have participated in full season Fund Raising at the Red Bull Stadium, State Farm Arena, Mercedes Benz Stadium, Georgia World Congress Center, Turner Field and Sunstrust Park where they were awarded the 2017 Diamond Honoree Award.

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Want to Increase The Productivity of your Non-Profit Groups and Temporary Staff?
Bringing Awareness to the Successful Mind-set of your Nonprofit Groups, Concessions Staff, and Temporary Staff is key. If the Mind-set and Training don’t match your brand, you are leaving money on the table. For example, we see it all too often:

• Poor attitudes and lacking professionalism
• Staff comes into the stand clueless
• No one is leading. Everyone is sitting around waiting to be told what to do 

When you collaborate with the PSD NPO Training Group, we make sure your hired and/or temporary staff as well as Nonprofits adopt the most productive mind-set and are fully representing Your Brand.

Phase One: Watch how the Appearance and Professionalism of your NPO Group Members and Temporary Staff Increase.

Phase Two: Increased Inventory Skills (including filling out of paperwork), faster end-of-event Closeouts, Improved Stand, Portable and Club Level Etiquette, Enhanced Register/Customer Service Training and other pertinent items that will catapult and make more enjoyable the Guest Experience.
Take a moment to watch this fun video 
Watch Usher as he explains about the need for volunteering.
Watch Usher as he explains about the need for volunteering.

Shawn Mattox, District Manager of Delaware North, says:

"It is always great working with PSD Training Group, they are one of the best organizations!"

Felicia Addison, NPO Coordinator of Levy Restaurants, says:

"PSD Training Group is one of our top NPO's!  Their customer service is #1!"

Mark Kendall, Concessions Manager of Levy Restaurants, says:

"We would like to thank PSD Training Group for their innovation, dependability and for leading the pack!"
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